Screen Repairs
PSP LCD Replacement
iPhone Glass and Digitizer Replacement
iPhone Home Button Repair
iPod repairs

Don't throw it away!



LCD/Screen/Touch Screen Repair


Speaker/Microphone Faults

Water Damage

Water/Liquid Damage

If your display screen is broken or blank we can replace it Person at the other end can't hear you or you can't hear them? If your phone has been dropped in water/liquid and no longer functions we can mostly repair these


Battery/Charging Faults


Antenna Faults

Power Button

Power Button Repair

If your battery no longer charges or the charging socket is broken, we can repair it No longer have a signal? Power Button broken or not functioning?

Camera Faults

Camera Faults



Dead Phone

Dead Phone

If your camera no longer functions properly we can fix or replace We can upgrade to the latest software version or resolve software issues (note: please backup any important data prior booking in) If your phone no longer powers up, we can revive it

Security/Pin Unlock

Security/Pin Unlock


Keypad Problems


Housing Replacement

If you've forgotten your pin number and can no longer access your phone we can reset the pin number for only £10.00 (note: We'll require proof that the phone belongs to you) Keypad buttons no longer functioning? We can replace your housing to make your mobile look new again


BlackBerry Trackball Replacement

If the trackball no longer functions properly we can replace it from only £15.00    


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